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Avery is one of those players that a coach wishes that they could have multiple of. Having coached Avery for two years, I have seen her grow tremendously due to the extra time and effort she puts forth on and off the field.

Avery’s athleticism, field hockey IQ, and competitive attitude, makes her extremely versatile on the field. She has incredible stick skills, dodges, and control of the ball. Moving from defensive midfield, to offensive midfield, to forward, she was always able to get the job done. Her determination, and focus made it easy as a coaching staff to start her and move her into crucial positions when needed.

Her willingness to learn makes Avery extremely coachable. Seeing her growth over two years, I can say that she has endless potential. She doesn’t just listen to what the coaches have to say, but she then will put it into action.

There is never any question about Avery’s want and her will to win. The second she steps onto the field, her passion for the game is contagious. As a coach you can only ask that each girl give every piece of themselves on every play, and that is exactly what Avery does.

Her leadership, passion for the game, work habits, and athleticism, are why Avery has become such a great field hockey player, and teammate.

-Theresa Hendrix
Varsity Field Hockey Asst. Coach, Westbrook High School / 2015 GNAC Woman of the Year

I have had the pleasure of coaching Avery Tucker for three years in middle school, and have the privilege of watching her play for her first two years in high school. Avery not only possess great skill on the field, she is natural leader who holds herself accountable. Her exemplary sportsmanship and team-first approach benefits those around her, as she brings out the best in her teammates on a consistent basis. Avery is one of the hardest working student athletes I have worked with in my six years of coaching. She practices how she would play, and takes it upon herself to work out individually after practice, on the weekends and during the off season. I have no doubt in my mind that Avery Tucker will be an asset to any program, and will continue to succeed by combining her talent and work ethic to achieve her goals.

-Alicia Wescott
Field Hockey Coach, Westbrook Middle School

I have had the privilege of watching Avery Tucker grow both as a person and student athlete over the past 4-5 years. This young lady was a tremendous role model while here at Westbrook Middle School. In fact, after the field hockey season of her 8th grade year, she was awarded a plaque which exemplifies what a true student athlete should depict. Avery is a very good student as well as a superb athlete. While here at WMS, she excelled in field hockey, basketball, and softball. She always brought a wonderful attitude and work ethic to practices and games and that made everyone around her perform to a higher standard. I have had the pleasure of watching her career continue at the high school level last year and the beginning of this year. She continues to carry herself with so much self-confidence without an ounce of cockiness. She is very humble and an absolute joy to be around.

-Greg Goan
Athletic/Activities Coordinator, Westbrook Middle School